I love smile designs

Here was another transformation.  She was used to covering her smile, and when we finished, she said, “I realized that I always cover up my smile.  After someone said something funny, I started to cover my smile again, and I realized that it was okay to smile again.”  This case was a real tribute to our entire team.  This type of case takes a lot of planning and patient education.  It takes excellent hygiene and home care.  Because she had had a thorough periodontal evaluation, treatment and follow up, when we went to make the final impression for the crowns, all the tissues were healthy and the impression was perfect the first time.  Not only did she become a diligent hygiene patient, her whole demeanor changed with this case.  She was happier, more confident, and she was so appreciative.  This was a huge motivator for my team, to see how they had a hand in literally changing someone’s life.  I’m not overplaying this either.  There were hugs, there was crying, it was awesome.








Another Smile Design


This patient wanted me to replace 1 crown. Can you guess which one? It’s the one that looks really bright. Old crowns are made of porcelain fused to metal. In those days, the porcelain was really flat, and bright white, since this was needed to opaque the metal that the crown is made of. These old crowns are also known for showing the metal at the margin, hence the dark gumline. Instead of replacing one crown, since it’s hard to match one exactly to the natural teeth, I offered to do 5, and here is the result.


These crowns are emax.  They are translucent, and made from lithium disilicate.  If the margin shows, it’s okay.  The margin is translucent and is showing the tooth underneath.  So this patient was extremely happy.