Hello and welcome to my blog.  It’s a dental blog .  Can everybody hear me back there?  Alright.  So I’m new to blogging, but I’ve learned a lot from my wife.  She’s a journalist who writes about everything from travel and culture, to food and architecture, and lately real estate.   Check her out at Culturefix.wordpress.com.  Yes, my wife is pretty cool.  So I’m trying to pick up lots from her, and be more cool with this, um, dental blog…. Okay, okay, so art shows in Miami are pretty exciting compared to root canals, but back me up here dentists.  We love what we do, and personally, I get excited about new techniques and ways to make things clever and simple. 

So, about me: I am a General Dentist in Richmond, Virginia.  To see my education and experience, click here to see my CV.   I hope to share this blog with patients and colleagues alike, as a portfolio of my case work, and to discuss new and evolving  treatment modalities.  As doctors, part of our duty to our patients is to continue to learn the best and most up-to-date treatments possible.  Many older methods are tried and true, but we should always adapt to changing evidence and technologies.  We made a great move when we put wheels on suitcases, and this is one example of an embarassingly recent development.  There are so many things like this in dentistry too.  Once you  know of something so efficient and effective as the wheeled suitcase, it’s hard to go back isn’t it?


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