More Endo

I do a lot of root canals.  These days, patients avoid the dentist until there’s pain.  I try not to overwhelm them with guilt when they finally do make it. “Root Canal” is a word that makes nobody excited, so I have to make it fun and welcoming.  I love when it’s at least a restorable tooth and doesn’t need extraction, so that’s my starting point.  Instead of explaining treatments to patients, I try to discuss in terms of benefits, results.  I try to finish the root canal, core buildup and crown in a single visit.  The next visit is a crown delivery with no needles, that takes about 20 minutes.  This is my chance to make friends, since I am usually seeing a patient who has no more pain.

 Here are a few cases I have done:

More Endo

Look at the curved mesial root on this one:


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